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As you look up 'chaos' from a dictionary, the word itself just denotes confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order and does portray oneself to be in a very difficult situation.

Our company slogan, 'ENJOY THE CHAOS' actually meant to 'enjoy' the rapid changes presented by the technologically-driven world we live today.

With today's era, both market and technology landscapes change constantly and will continue to evolve more in the future. We are in the period of time in which IT has become a fundamental factor of change in everything. To respond to these changes, today's organizations need to be more agile, flexible and be able to adapt positively to the demands of technological advances.

We believe that our company slogan, 'ENJOY THE CHAOS' complements our philosophy as a company and reflects on each of our members. We are determined to continue our efforts as a team that embraces change.

Glue's name origin

Glue's name origin is derived directly from glue language. Perl, Ruby, Python are famous examples of glue language.

Kota Sakoda - the founder of Glue, also a software engineer himself have found himself liking the said languages and decided to use 'glue' as the company name.

Glue language is simple and can be written with high readability.
It is also designed to connect different software components.
Just like the glue language, we as a company, thrive to provide simplicity and flexibility in our services.

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