Glue Inc. President/CEOKOTA SAKODA

Thank you for visiting our corporate website. Glue was founded as a personal business in 2003 and was incorporated as Glue Inc. by 2011.

Since Glue's founding, I have spent most of my time creating software as a programmer. For only fifteen years, technology has changed the world and as I glimpsed at the latest technology trends, I always ask myself what we can offer to the society as a company in this fast-paced world.

Fortuitously, from a series of business opportunities, I was given the chance to be exposed to the technical fields of video distribution technology which helped paved way in establishing my interest in the field and led to the development of our services. From technical interest and advanced nature of the said field, I started creating software prototypes that eventually evolved into products. With the help of our users' feedback, we are able to continuously improve these products that our customers still use even today.

「 TMTOWTDI: There's more than one way to do it」

「 TMTOWTDI: There's more than one way to do it」 As I started learning to code, the first programming language I learned was Perl Language. This phrase is often associated with the Perl and the said language was designed with this idea in mind, in that it 'doesn't try to tell the programmer how to program.'

This had been my motto as I started as a programmer and also a favorite of mine.

For 15 years, serving as the CEO of Glue, this motto remains true up to this point and made me reflect that the saying itself is my starting point in life. If things go wrong, there are still a million ways to change approach and try again. With only this simple saying, it made me stay calm and helped me overcome problems by reminding me to always try something different in solving a problem.

Thus, we continued our work on the idea of accepting change, increasing flexibility and maintaining a happy work environment. And from there on, Glue's slogan, 'Enjoy the Chaos' was inspired by the kind of philosophy we already had since our founding.

Technological innovations will continue to rapidly develop and I believe that the future ahead will be much more interesting than today. In this digital age, Glue will continue to create services that will make more people happy and satisfied.

Kota Sakoda

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