Years of achievements in video distribution technology

Video communication has become indispensable means in the digital age and is projected to continue to evolve but, businesses fail to develop a coherent video strategy and integration of video services into their operations. Glue, along with the robust developments of technological innovations, have consistently provided quality video distribution services to businesses nationwide.


Our 3 main services where we utilize video distribution technology:
knowbuild, a SaaS-based platform that helps businesses in providing solution to manage training programs for employees,
1meeting, online web conferencing system and Gemediar, a secure and simple encrypted video streaming system.


Thank you for visiting our corporate website. Glue was founded as a personal business in 2003 and was incorporated as Glue Inc. by 2011.

Since Glue's founding, I have spent most of my time creating software as a programmer. For only fifteen years, technology has changed the world, and as I glimpsed at the latest technology trends, I always ask myself what we can offer to the society as a company in this fast-paced world.


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